Paul Smyth (2018)

It is my great pleasure tonight to introduce the first of our Inductees.

A self confessed geek/nerd, this man has been commonly referred to as the most intelligent Rebel ever. In fairness, from some of the characters we’ve had over the years, that like being called the tallest midget.

But for real, Pauly is someday soon going to cure cancer, see he’s a legit Doctor, doing Science and stuff, so the intelligent moniker is spot on.

He started out as a Rookie in 2003, playing Defensive End and wreaking havoc in backfields and terrorizing Quarterbacks, the kind of guy you’re thankful is on your team, and you don’t have to play against in games.

And he was just completely committed from day 1, he rarely missed a practice in 10 years, was the guy that walked around the Superbowl parties in Full Kit, so we looked like a real football team with real players. He’s a giant you see, in multiple ways. Standing at 6’7, he is also a NY Giants fan, which really brings in to question the intelligent thing from earlier, but hes also a Giant when it comes to being a family man, a friend and a Dublin Rebel.

He then made the move to Tight End, where he again excelled.

When you needed a big play, whether it was a catch over the middle, a TD making Block or a replacement OLineman, number 94 was ready.

For at least one game I think he was even the back up Quarterback, which thank f$*k was not needed, as talented, intelligent and skillful as Pauly is, throwing a football was not his Forte.

When he retired, there was a sense of relief throughout the league, with one particular HC commenting, “Thank God, hes a nightmare to game plan for”. That is the highest compliment you can get in our league, that the other teams have to game plan for you. And the reason he was a nightmare? Because you cannot cover Big Money.

Ladies & Gentlemen, it is my distinct honour to introduce, the Sizzle to my Grizzle, my brother over the middle, the 6 time Shamrock Bowl winning, 3 time Rebel of the Year winning and now, Dublin Rebels Hall of Fame Inductee,

Paul “Big Money” Smyth.