Player Costs

Player Fees

The Dublin Rebels membership fees for the season 2019 are set at €250 for veterans and €199 for Rookies. There are several ways to reduce this cost by players, outlined below. In order to play on game day, fees must be paid at the agreed rate and on time. There are no exceptions.

Payment of the League Registration is through Eventbrite.

Rookie Fees (without reductions) Cost
Club Fee €199
League Fee €55
Total €254
Veteran Fees (without reductions) Cost
Club Fee €250
League Fee €55
Total €305

What does my Membership cover?

  1. Membership to De La Salle FC & ALSAA with use of the clubhouse, changing rooms and field use for training and game days
  2. Bus transport to and from away games outside of Dublin
  3. Playbooks
  4. Food after home games
  5. League Insurance
  6. Ambulances for home games (team requirement)
  7. Referee payment (team requirement)
  8. Home and Away personalized game uniforms*
  9. Water for all games Home and Away
  10. VIP Entry to the biggest Superbowl Party in the country

Reduction options

Pay in full early

The first reduction option is to pay the entire fee before 16th December 2020, netting a 10% discount. For vets, the lump sum payment becomes €225. For rookies, the discount is to €170.

Business Sponsorship or Company Wellness program

The second method is to receive personal sponsorship. Some businesses will reimburse employees for club membership fees. Players can also be sponsored by any person(s) or company(s). If a company sponsors you, we will promote them on this website as a player sponsor.

Referral of new players

A third method is to refer new players to the club. For each player you bring to the club that pays their fee for the season, you will receive €50 credit towards your fees for the following season.

Equipment purchase through the club

Players can also receive a reduction by purchasing equipment through the team purchase. Also required is 75% of the cost of the equipment being purchased. There is usually a team discount for the equipment as well but depends on numbers ordered. The equipment will NOT be given to the player until the balance of the equipment cost is paid.

This reduces Rookie fees to €150 for the year (payment plan or in full).

Vets do not have the option for reduced fees through this method.

Alternate incentives may be made available as the season progresses.

Paying Fees

There are two methods for paying the membership fee.

  1. Standing bank order.
  2. Direct lodge into the Dublin Rebels bank account.

These can be paid in two ways:

  1. One full payment on or before the published date.
  2. Five installments of €50 from January through May.

Adjustments for incentives will affect payments in a reverse time frame order.

League Registration

League Registration is separate from club membership and cannot be reduced by incentives. The amount for the 2018 season was €55 for players and €5 for non-playing OR practice only members. Everyone involved with the club must register with the league.

Payment of the 2019 League Registration is through Eventbrite.


    1. Hi, at the moment we do not have a youth kitted football team but we do have a flag football team that anyone 16yrs or older can play in. If you’re interested head over to the join section of the website.

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