Player Focus: No.47 Ciarán Fitzpatrick

Today we hear from Ciarán Fitzpatrick, no. 47. Ciarán joined the Rebels Flag team at 17 years old in 2014. In 2015 he moved up to the fully kitted team. Just one short year later, Ciarán scored the winning touchdown in the 2016 Shamrock Bowl final. In addition, Ciarán is producing a weekly NFL updates podcast alongside his teammate, Cathal Keane (No.82).


Ciarán is another one of our players who is proof that you don’t have to know it all before you begin, but just be willing to get stuck in and learn. The only limits are the ones you place on yourself.

More from Ciarán below:

When did you start playing with the Rebels?

I started playing in February 2014, in the middle of 5th year. I didn’t start playing full contact until the year after, once I turned 18.

What was your first year like with the team?

It was definitely a steep learning curve. I didn’t watch football before I started. I was pretty oblivious to how the game was played. But we got a lot of feedback from coaches and veteran players after every drill, which is something I never got on other teams.

Any advice for new recruits?

It’s important to not get too bogged down in the mistakes you make early on. The technique is something you won’t get right away, so even if you’ve played other sports, like Gaelic Football or Rugby, you’ll still need to learn to catch a ball or make a tackle.

Why do you play American Football?

I think the biggest reason I play is because of the people I play with. It sounds kind of cheesy when you say it, but after awhile you find that there’s not a single guy on the field that you wouldn’t trust to have your back which you don’t really find in other sports.



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