Player Safety

Safety Measures

At the Dublin Rebel, we take player safety seriously. We understand that each and every American Football Player is a volunteer who’s playing a game. They need to be able to get up and go to their day job on the Monday after the game or practice. To that end, we support the initiatives that the Irish American Football League has outlined. We have expanded on these safety measures as well in an effort to set the standard for the game in Ireland.

Child Protection    Concussion Guidelines    Anti Doping    Drills

Child Welfare Policy Statement

Dublin Rebels American Football Club adheres to the Youth Football Guidance and Child Safeguarding polices set out by IAFA which can be found in the Child Protection section.

Coaching Certification Compliance

All coaches in the Dublin Rebels American Football club are registered as coaches with the Irish American Football Association and under IAFA rules have completed at least the Level ‘0’ coaching course set by IAFA.


Building from the Coaching platform, all drills are focused on the safety of the player. This is facilitated by the coaching staff’s deep understanding of what skills the player must become proficient in to be successful. We then allocate the proper amount of time to establish these core competencies. The focus is on ways to execute the skills in a safe manner against opposing players.