National Team

After a series of training sessions and camps over the past year, the final Team Ireland senior squad has been selected by Head Coach Ciaran O’Sullivan and the Team Ireland coaching staff. These players will represent Ireland against a friendly against the Dutch Lions on 27 August in the Netherlands.

The coaching staff selected the majority of players from Irish clubs, reflecting the high level of skill and athleticism that has made our domestic leagues extremely competitive; we have players from clubs in the Shamrock Bowl Conference (SBC), IAFL1 and IAFL2 conferences.

We are also lucky to have several players who have graduated from the Team Ireland U20’s program on the squad – the high percentage of that team that made the Senior team once eligible represents the dedication and preparation of those players and the effort of their coaches. Team Ireland has also had involvement from eligible players overseas and they have representation on the squad.

The Rebels firmly believe in the National Team and support our players. International competition is the next level for Irish American Football. The experience gained and bonds formed across teams are extremely beneficial to the growth of the sport domestically.

The following are the Dublin Rebels who represented Ireland against the Netherlands on 27 August.

2016 National Team

irlAndrew Dennehy6'2"190 lbs
usairlConrad Cook5'10"191 lbs
irlFergal (Sunday) O’Hanlon6'2"259 lbs
irlPaul Grogan6'2"196 lbs
scoPaul Kirkwood5'11"257 lbs
irlRoss McCooey--
irlSeán Leamy--
irlSteve Walsh6'2"250 lbs
irlTom Telford6'1"256 lbs