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The forecast fluctuated all week, and no-one was sure prior to game day what weather would greet the teams as the Cork Admirals would make the road trip to Dublin to take on the Dublin Rebels.
But this is Ireland, so obviously, rain.

And rain it did, the entire first half of the game would have a consistent downpour throughout, and that led to a hard hitting and old school style affair. Games like these, with conditions like these, are usually decided by the turnover battle, and that proved as true as ever.

The Rebels received the opening kick-off, but after some tough running from Tailback Pete McMahon, the Admirals forced the punt.

On their first drive of the game the Admirals took advantage of their possession. After being stuffed on first down, a face mask penalty gave them great field position, and from there Cork QB Stephen Hayes hit Team Ireland under 20 receiver Jahn Dasini for the opening score. The touchdown going in from 40 yards out. The Admirals tacked on the PAT to take an early lead against the reigning champions.

Old school Slugfest

The first quarter remained a slugfest from there, with both teams trading short runs, incompletions and punts to bring it to a close, neither Defence breaking or bending.

As the second quarter got underway, with the Dublin team in possession, the turnover battle began to heat up. An errant throw from veteran leader Andrew Dennehy gave Cork their second interception of the day, the first being a long bomb earlier in the game, which could be considered more as a successful punt.

That brought the Rebels Defence back on to the field. Some hard hitting, and key tackles from DBs Kevin Fitzgerald and Andrei-Vlad Vasilescu, as well as Linebacker tandem Matthias Durot and Aybars Bayram made life difficult for the Admirals Offence, and gave the ball back to the men in black.

“Andrei-Vlad Vasilescu” Photo courtesy of VSquared Photography

Starting the drive on their own 27, the Rebels would maintain possession for most of the remainder of the half. Meticulously moving the ball through the running of duo Pete McMahon and Shamrock Bowl MVP Wellington Omorodion, combined with some passes from Dennehy to Tight End Ciarán Fitzpatrick, and Wide Receiver Andrej Barlafa. The Rebels were deep into the Cork redzone, but could not break the plane. Going for it on 4th down, the Admirals Defence stiffened, and did not let up.

A quick 3 and out from the Admirals, and great field position from a short punt, gave the Rebels one more opportunity before the half. Some good pressure from the Admirals D-line, hitting Dennehys hand mid throw led to a 3rd and final turnover for the Rebels Offence for the game. The Cork side kneeling out the half from there. The turnover battle at the half read 3-0 to Cork, and the scoreboard reflected it, the Admirals up 7-0.

Adjustments needed to be made at Half Time, and they were.

Second Half – Different Game

The second half had the visiting side receiving the ball, the rain easing off slightly. A short kick gave the Admirals a good starting point. However that’s when the returning 2016 Rebels Defensive MVP Kenny McCarty would make his presence known. A tackle for loss and the first sack of the game for McCarty on consecutive plays, forced the Cork team to punt.

“Kenny McCarty” Photo courtesy of VSquared Photography

The Rebels offence came out onto the field, this time with heir apparent, Jack Fagan under centre. Fagan called his own number, and broke his first play of the game for a 65 yard run to kick start the Dublin offence. Two players later the young QB would hit favourite target and fellow Podcaster Ciarán Fitzpatrick for the Touchdown. The wet conditions causing the Rebels to go for 2, was unsuccessful.

“Jack Fagan” Photo courtesy of VSquared Photography

After the ensuing Kick Off, the Rebels defense wanted in on the scoring party, and after a tackle for loss from combined “Team America” members McCarty and Conrad Cook, the next play the Dublin side pounced.

After being picked off twice by Cornerback Ricky Paisley in last years meeting, Cork QB Hayes, had wisely not targeted his side of the field all game, until now. A mistake. Paisley jumped the flat route like a cheetah pouncing on its prey, clean hands with the catch, and gone racing for 6, to give the Rebels the lead. The scoreboard this time dictating, go for two. Game Offensive MVP Pete McMahon, punched the ball in to give the Rebels the 14-7 lead.

A 1-2 punch just after half time that shook the Cork team.

The Rebels Defence had bought themselves a ticket back on to the field after the kick off, thanks to their score, but they wanted off. So on the very next play, they reacted quickest to a dropped hand off, and Conrad Cook came away with the ball to even up the turnover battle at three a piece.

However, the Cork Defence was not ready to give in, and made a strong goal line stand to stop the Rebels from gaining daylight on the board. McCarty had other ideas, and picked up his second Sack of the game and forcing a punt from inside the Admirals Endzone.

Turnover Fest

A booming punt sailed over the returners head, having adjusted his position from the games earlier, much shorter punts. As the readjustment was made to the ball however, it ricocheted off his foot, and the Admirals recovered. Hayes then targeted Paisleys side of the field just once more, but the Game Defensive MVP had his second interception of the game. That’s what Paisley does when Cork throws his way, he catches it. Get out of jail card cashed in after the muffed punt.

The slugfest continued from there, with both teams trading blows, but neither offense gaining much ground. One extraordinary play, when Cork had a quick completion on a short route, Cornerback Raphael Meyer punched the ball out, the returning McCarty managed to contort his body mid air to pluck the ball down. Fumble recovery or Interception? Answers on a postcard, either way it epitomized his game, and brought it into the 4th quarter.

Back in position, Fagan looked to move the chains and the clock. After runs from McMahon and Omorodion, and hitting BFF Fitzpatrick with some short completions, the Rebels punted.

Yet again that Defence wanted more turnovers, and on a tipped pass, Safety Keith Foster showed his safe hands, clutching the ball down, safely, out of the air. A 3rd Interception, and 5th turnover of the game for the Dublin side.

Fagan was back at it again, this time calling his own number to churn the time. And after an initial good tackle from the Cork Defence to stop the play, the Admirals #65 came crashing in from behind on the signal caller, extremely late, leading with his helmet and cracking the back of Fagans head. The referee made the targeting call and #65 was ejected from the game, meaning he will miss the return game in 2 weeks time in Cork.

Pinned Back

A little more time off the clock thanks to the automatic first and some runs from Omorodion, including hitting the truck stick, ate up some more time, and a booming punt from Game Special Teams MVP Sean Butler, had the Cork team pinned inside their own 5.

The Admirals proved they were for real, and would not have their spirit broke. Some quick passes, and runs up the middle got them out of initial danger, but that man McCarty again, a Tackle/Forced Fumble/Fumble Recovery, triple combo would give the Rebels offence the ball back, and surely end the game?

Some more hardnosed running from the McMahon/Omorodion tandem brought the game down close to the two minute warning, and after Butler again pinned the Admirals into their 5, the warning was called.

“Pete McMahon” Photo courtesy of VSquared Photography

The Cork team was not done, and on the first play inside the two minutes, Hayes dropped back into his own Endzone, and threw a dart, hitting Dasini again, in stride, and it was a foot race. Dasini took off and went 85 yards for the score, and an opportunity to change the result.

The Cork side admirably went for 2, but the Rebels said No.

The ensuing onside kick was chipped up into the waiting hands of Tight End Peter Keely, who claimed the ball, and gently lay down to put the game to bed.
One final kneel down brought the final whistle, to take the Dublin Rebels to 2 and 0 on the season, and a place on top of the divisional table.

The next Rebels game is another home tie, on April 22nd against division opponent, Trinity College. The game is due to kick off at 2pm in Sportslink.

By Paul Grogan

UL Vikings away



Football is back. That is to say Irish American Football is back. A busy “Off” season had the Dublin Rebels win their first Atlantic Cup trophy, as well as adding a new Head Coach in Brian Dennehy. Sunday saw the first game of the 2018 season kick off with a road trip to Limerick for the defending champion Dublin Rebels.

The opponents were old foes, the University of Limerick Vikings.

The Vikings this season have moved their home games to the UL Bohemians Rugby Club, and that was the venue for the game between two of Irish Footballs powerhouses. The Rebels were missing a number of key starters from the team that won last seasons Shamrock Bowl for the trip down south. The Vikings had a number of retirements in the off season, paired with some key players transferring to other clubs, and star Quarterback Raymond Burke now plying his trade in mainland Europe. This was a chance to blood a number of rookies on both sides of the ball for both teams, alongside some of their largely experienced veterans.

Knockdown blow

The first quarter was all about the run game for both teams, with Limerick relying heavily on young power back Adam O’Mahony, while the Dublin Rebels countered with the One-Two punch of Backs Wello Omorodion and Pete McMahon. And it was the Rebels that would strike first, with Omorodion going in for 6, after a long drive, dominating the time of possession. The PAT was unsuccessful.

The Rebels Defence continued to control the game, led by perennial badasses Ross McCooey and Simon Mackey causing constant pressure, racking up tackles and making life difficult for rookie signal caller Jack Litherland. Things got more difficult for the young player, when Center Graham Murtagh went out for the game, after having his leg rolled up on by a UL player, after being tackled.

UL Vikings Away 3

After a change of possession and subsequently a change of ends at the quarter, Omorodion showed off his arm. Ironic that it be coated in camouflage, and usually invisible to the naked eye. The running back completed a strike to Wide Receiver Jonas Kubis D’Agostin for a 60 yard touchdown to double the Dublin teams lead. Again the PAT failed.

The lead gave the Rebels a chance to get their own young Quarterback Jack Fagan into the game, taking over from usual conductor Andrew Dennehy. The Vikings front, led by John Mullen, made life difficult for Fagan, and as the half came to a close, he was picked off by longtime Viking Linebacker Darragh O’Callaghan.

Same again please

Having deferred the option of the ball to the second half, the Rebels opened up the third quarter on Offence. Again, running was the name of the game, and McMahon and Omorodion continued to make first downs, churning up the yards and churning up the clock. With the Dublin side both figuratively and literally running the game, several rookies made their Rebels debuts, contributing plays on both sides of the ball for the travelling side. With Fagan continuing to orchestrate the Offence, he was helped out with some additional possession, thanks to an interception from Conrad Cook on the Defence for the men in black. The score remained unchanged until that man Omorodion scampered into the Vikings endzone for his second rushing touchdown. Not to take all the glory, Wello was quick to celebrate with his Offensive line, key to which on the day was the Game Offensive MVP, Lewis Cummins, making huge vital blocks in the run game, and a wall-esque performance in the passing attack. Omorodion would punch in the 2 point conversion over the turf.

The third quarter finished out as a battle in the trenches, as much of the day had been, and went back and forth in the middle of the field of play for most of the remainder of the game.

The Rebels Defensive front did not let up throughout the game, and were determined to hold on to their shut out. They were made to work for it. After pinning the Rebels on the edge of their own endzone, and exchanges of possession, the Vikings Offence made a rare redzone visit, after some short completions and runs, facing fourth down, the Game Defensive MVP, Andrei-Vlad Vasilescu, picked off the pass.

With Fagan in at Quarterback, two plays later the Vikings D would return the favour, with Craig Switzer picking off the pass and seeming to return it for 6. However the score was called back after a targeting penalty flagged on the Vikings after the interception. This lead to the change of possession standing, but the player penalized for targeting ejected from the game by rule, and further unsportsmanlike penalties taking the Vikings back into their own half.

On the very next and penultimate play of the game, Conrad Cook came up with his second pick of the game to cement the win, and allow Fagan to kneel out the clock.

The final Score Dublin Rebels 20-0 University of Limerick Vikings.

next game…

Next up for the Bad guys in Black is a trip to Lucan on March 25th to take on the South Dublin Panthers.

By Paul Grogan




Shamrock Bowl XXXI had more than a little touch of history about it. The meeting between the reigning champions the Dublin Rebels and the Carrickfergus Knights in the big game has previous, you see. The game would be contested by the two teams with the most final appearances ever in the National Championship game.

The Knights came into the game off their first division title since 2011, and an overtime victory over early season front runners the U.L. Vikings to make it to their 10th final appearance.

The Rebels also came in to the game as divisional winners for the second year in a row, after victory over the Belfast Trojans, in a repeat of the 2016 final, to book the 12th trip to the big dance for the Dublin club.

The last time the two teams met in the final was 2004, when the Rebels came away with a 24-22 win that included a final play, goal line stop from the men in black. That was the 3rd meeting in 4 years in the final for the teams, each time the Rebels coming out on top. The Knights would be looking to put a stop to final losses to their opponents, and hoped to secure their first title in 15 years.


Coin Toss
Coin Toss – Photo Courtesy of Keith Elgin Photography


While the Knights ran out on to the field in Tallaght Stadium to The Prodigy’s “The Day is My Enemy”, the Rebels would march out in military fashion to “The Imperial March”, before turning it up to 11, as AC/DCs “Back in Black” rang through the stadium. The stage was set, the performers ready, it was Showtime.

The Knights would receive the opening kick-off, and begin to drive the ball across the ground with backfield tandem Gareth Millar and Darren Montgomery picking up a couple of first downs. This came to an end after tackles from Middle Linebacker Bobby Smith, and a stonewalling tackle from Shadowman Sports Defensive MVP Ross McCooey, one of 6.5 tackles on the day for number 51.

Ross McCooey
Shadowman Sports Defensive MVP “#51” Ross McCooey – Photo Courtesy of Laszlo Gezco Photography


The ensuing punt hung up for an age, before returner Sean Douglas was able to secure the catch. Literally as Douglas caught the ball he was hit by the coverage team, but bizarrely no flag came. The Rebels took over from the 5 yard line. A fumbled snap on the first play from scrimmage, would put the Dublin Offense in an early hole, eventually forcing a difficult punt from inside their own Endzone.

The Rebels defence would continue where they left off, lead by that man McCooey, forcing a quick 3 and Out. Douglas this time in the backfield, would get the Offense out of their own Redzone, getting 15 tacked on to the end of a 9 yard run.


At the turn of the quarter, and after a quick completion from Quarterback Andrew Dennehy to Jonas Kubis D’Agostin, and an 8 yard rush from Running Back Dave McMahon, the Rebels would go to the air again. Looking for the deep ball to Tight End Ciarán Fitzpatrick, the tipped ball found its way to Carrickfergus Safety, Stephen Davison, who intercepted the ball and returned it to the Rebels 45 yard line.

The Dublin defence didn’t take long to get their team the ball back. Defensive End Gary Twamley first punched the ball out tackling the Knights Running Back, but the Knights recovered the fumble. On the very next play, looking for a big chunk of yardage, Rebels Safety, Keith Foster, would jump the deep route and pluck the ball from the air.

Unfortunately, the Rebels Offense were having trouble clicking, gaining yards through the running game from Wellington Omorodion and Pete McMahon, but subsequently losing those yards with mental errors and penalties.

The majority of the remaining half turning into a field position battle between Rebels Punter Paul Grogan, and Marty Caskey for the Knights.

However late on in the first half, with the Rebels Offense driving, Carrickfergus Defensive Back Josh Davis jumped a route out wide, and took the ball, with green grass in front of him, speedster Kubis D’Agostin, was able to chase down the turnover at the 30 yard line.

After some successful plays in the ground game thanks to Quarterback Spencer McDowell, and tailback Millar, the Knights found themselves deep in the Rebels redzone, the team in yellow would hit pay dirt. On the QB Bootleg, McDowell looked for number 1 receiver, Caskey, in the back corner. Caskey secured the catch with a toe tap, to give the Knights the lead. A fumbled snap on the point after attempt, meant the Rebels defence kept the score at 6-0 at the Half.


Rebels on 3
Pumped up – Photo Courtesy of Laszlo Gezco Photography


The Rebels Half-Time team talk wrote its self, focus and execute.


A spark was needed, and it sparked like a lightning bolt. Roaring out of the blocks, the Rebels Offensive line took control of the game, and running like thunder, tailback Wellington Omorodion would take the ball 59 yards over the turf on 5 consecutive carries. On the next play Dennehy would hit Wide Receiver, Cathal Keane in the Endzone to bring the Rebels level. The PAT was unsuccessful, but the drive summed up the Rebels offense for the second half, and the Shadowman Sports Offensive MVP was shared between Omorodion and Keane.

Cathal Keane
Joint Shadowman Sports Offensive MVP #82 Cathal Keane – Photo Courtesy of Laszlo Gezco Photography


The Rebels Defence, not to be outdone by their offensive counterparts, came out firing on all cylinders, and stuffed the Knights on the next drive, tackles from Matthias Durot, McCooey again and capped with a big tackle for loss from Twamley.

The Punters would duel it out again over the next 3 series, flipping the field each time. Until Douglas produced a moment of magic, this time forgoing the Fair Catch, making the first two men on the scene, miss, and taking off, weaving through the Knights coverage team. A Knights penalty on the return would set up the Rebels Offense on the Knights 30 yard line.


Wello Omo
Shamrock Bowl 31 MVP #28 Wello Omorodion – Photo Courtesy of Ian Humes Photography


Wello Omorodion, stepped back into the back field, and as the big men up front handled business, thunder struck again, and sprinted to the Endzone to put the Rebels in front from 30 yards out. Putting the icing on a rushing day that saw him rack up 145 yards on the ground, and put his name forward as an overall game MVP award contender. The PAT snap was miscued and the attempt failed.

If the previous two Defensive series for the Dublin side hadn’t made their point, the next drive did, they will not be broken again in this game. After quick tackles from Bobby Smith and Andrei-Vlad Vasilescu, on consecutive plays, Safety Senan O’Mahony would get in on the Pick Party. McDowell under pressure from Twamley, and linebacker Conrad Cook, juggled the snap before launching an errant ball directly into O’Mahonys hands for the Interception, you might say an InterSenan!

The Rebels Offense back out on the field for the next drive, seemed to exchange plays with the referees, first gaining big yards on the ground and through the air, followed by giving up yardage to penalties, this resulted in a stalled drive, and the ball was punted again.

With Knights now down by a score, and failing to pick up a first down in the second half, they had no choice but to take some risks in the passing game, but the Dublin Rebels defensive backs were quick to make it a no fly zone, and in a busy day for the punters, Caskey was back to kick again.

With time running at about 6 minutes left in the game, the Rebels offence had the game in their hands, and put together the longest drive of the day. Behind more runs from Omorodion but facing a 3rd and long, Dennehy looked for Keane again, hitting the young Receiver streaking down the sideline. Number 82 Keane going up and clutching the ball from above the covering Cornerback, he would tack on some extra yards on the run for a 38 yard completion and a key first down, moving the chains and keeping the clock rolling.


Again the Offense would exchange plays with the Referees, having a trip to the Endzone for Omorodion called back. A false start penalty would leave the Rebels at 3rd and 29, Goal to go. The toss play to Omorodion, looking for the edge to churn clock and gain some yards, he hits the breaks, and launches the ball to flight, the ball takes off like a glorious frozen chicken.

But Wide Receiver Sean Leamy in miles of space managed to haul in the wobbled pass, and made his way towards the Endzone, being stopped shy at the 2 yard line. The 27 yard completion cementing, Wellington Omorodion, as the Shamrock Bowl XXXI MVP.

With 2 yards to go to break the plain, it seemed fitting the Back would get the ball himself, but the Knights held firm, and made the stop at the 1 yard line. Turnover on downs, and a very outside chance the Knights could save the game.

But like we said earlier, the Rebels Defence had already decided how this game would end, and with 99 yards to go, no first downs in the half, and time running out, no-one would deny the Bad Guys in Black.

In the next 4 passing attempts, the Knights would complete 1 for 2 yards, giving the ball back to the Rebels with 29 seconds remaining.

With not enough Time-outs remaining to halt the inevitable, the Rebels Offence took to the field.


Led by Quarterback Andrew Dennehy who would kneel out the clock to secure his and the Dublin Rebels record 9th National Championship and Shamrock Bowl Victory.

National Title #9 – Photo Courtesy of Terry McCann Photography

By Paul Grogan



On Sunday, the reigning Shamrock Bowl champions Dublin Rebels made the long road trip to Cork, to take on the Cork Admirals for the first time since 2012. With the home side Admirals making waves early in the season after their return to the Shamrock Bowl Conference, the day held an air of promise to the great game ahead.

After the opening kick-off was boomed out far beyond the Endzone, the strong wind behind it would set out an important factor for the day.

The traveling Rebels would come roaring out of the gates, when back up Punter and human wrecking ball Simon Mackey, would start off with 2 backfield tackles including one sack to really set the tone, despite Defensive End partner Gary Twamley missing the trip. After going 3 and out the Cork team would have to punt, against that wind. Unfortunately for the Rebels this would also be the last play for Mackey, as he would pick up a knock that meant he couldn’t continue.

The Rebels offence taking to the field under the leadership of signal caller, Andrew Dennehy, would pick up just where the defence left off. From the first play from scrimmage, Dennehy would hand off to running back Pete McMahon, who would beat the entire Cork defence to the edge, and speed to the Endzone, giving himself an early birthday present, and maintaining his score in every game this season. The 2 point conversion attempt was failed after Cork ILB Harris Monagan got into the backfield.

On the ensuing drive, the Rebels defence continued to bring relentless pressure on the Admirals offence, again leaving the home side no choice but to punt. On this occasion the punt would leave the Rebels inside their own half for the first time in the game. After some good runs from running back Sean Douglas, Dennehy called for the pass, after a short completion again to Douglas, the shifty back would tack on a huge chunk of yards after the catch, to flip the field in the Rebels favour.

On the very next play, Dennehy would again go to the air and hit receiver Ciaran Fitzpatrick on the seam, bulling through the safety to break the plane for 6 points. Again the Cork defence would stop the conversion attempt.


The game would continue in a similar vein, the Admirals offence struggling to move the ball after hammering tackles from lineback-ing foursome, Conrad Cook, Damien McHale, Matthias Durot and Raphael Meyer.

After the following punt, the game would take a turn. On a second and long, the ball handed off to McMahon, Safety Cathal Buckley would hit the alley hard and punch the ball out, recovering his own forced fumble, giving the Cork offence their best field position of the game.

Cork quarterback, Stephen Hayes, would make no mistake, and after a quick pass to Tight End Paul O’Driscoll to pick up some important real estate, would give the ball off to running back Vladamir La Greca. Making the most of some good blocking from the big boys up front, the speedy back, would race in for the touchdown. Kicker Kieran Murphy would ping over the extra point to bring the Admirals within 5 points of the Champions.

With the home side starting to get a foothold in the game, the next drive was vital to the course of the game, the Rebels would again come out firing, and after good running from Douglas, and a completion to WR Cathal Keane, the Dublin team would find themselves inside the Cork redzone after a 30 yard run from Dave McMahon to bring the traveling side to the verge of the Endzone. That would bring the opening quarter to an end.

Cathal Keane
“#82 Cathal Keane” – Photo courtesy of Trevor O’Connell

On the next play, Dennehy took to the air, searching for Keane in the Endzone, contact in the Endzone brought a flag, and to the surprise of both sidelines, the call was for the home team. After the penalty, the Rebels failed to get back to the original line of scrimmage, and the Cork side would take over on downs.


The SBC newcomers would again make it count. After some more great defensive plays from the Rebels defence, and in a punting situation, the Admirals would call and execute the fake punt to pick up the first down. In almost identical fashion, the following downs followed a similar pattern, 3 stops, and this time the homeside found favour in the adjustment the Rebels made to their fake punt, and executed the fake in the opposite direction. After a final 4th down, the Admirals would pin the Rebels deep in their own Redzone.

After penalties and some good defence forced the Rebels to punt from their own 10, the Admirals again found themselves in good field position and finally hit pay dirt. First Hayes hitting TE O’Driscoll and RB La Greca for some good pick-ups, La Greca would find just enough room to punch in the score. The extra point was waved no good, to the surprise of almost everyone in attendance, as the kick seamed to split the posts again from Murphy.

At the end of the half the score sat at 13-12.

The third quarter would turn into a defensive slug fest and positional battle. Stops from both teams would lead to punting exchanges between the Admirals, and the returning Paul Grogan for the traveling team. The latter, punting into the wind again for the entire 3rd quarter.

As the game rolled into the 4th, the score sat on edge with the smallest possible margin separating the sides. The change of ends and thus direction of the wind would change the course of play. The Admirals now driving inside the Rebels half would try to go long, the deep ball from Hayes hung up in the elements, and with the first of his two picks for the day, Shadowman Sports Defensive MVP, Ricky Paisley would grasp the ball from the air and take off down the sideline.

Ricky Paisley
“#5 Ricky Paisley” – Photo courtesy of Trevor O’Connell

The Admirals would rally and make the stop, forcing the punt again. This time, Paul Grogan now with the wind behind him, would launch the punt, inside the Cork 10 yard line. The Cork side would fail to leave their own 30 even after the kick away.


Dennehy would step back on to the field and after quick completions to Grogan and Keane, in the backfield, up stepped Dave “Rev” McMahon.

And boy, can the Rev run.

McMahon would take the ball, and like a hammer, would pound the ball in for 6 points. Like all of his RB stablemates, Rev wanted to keep being fed. Again taking the hand-off and force his will on the defence, to tack on the 2 extra points. Capping off a day where he would total 111yards on 15 touches, with a touchdown and 2XP, to be named the Shadowman Sports Offensive MVP.

Dave McMahon
“#7 Dave McMahon” – Photo courtesy of Trevor O’Connell

With the Admirals now chasing the game and being forced into passing situations, Paisley would take his second pick of the day, and after big stop to keep the Admirals in the game, ILB Durot, would pick off Hayes again, to close out the game.

next game…

The Rebels reach the mid-point of the regular season with a perfect record, and move on to a home contest against the UL Vikings in Santry on May 28th. In a game that will no doubt have a huge impact on the fate of the division, and the path to the Shamrock Bowl, it will be a game not to be missed.

By Paul Grogan