Phil Woodyard (2011)


Player Bio:

  • Dublin Celts O-Line/D-Line 1984-1986
  • Dublin Tornadoes O-Line/D-Line 1987-1988
  • London Capitals – O-Line 1988-1990
  • London Capitals – 1990-1995
  • Dublin Rebels O-Line 1995-1999
  • Texas Storm O-Line 1999-2002
  • Arlington LongHorns O-Line/D-Line 2002
  • Various Flag Football teams throughout the years
  • Univ of Texas at Arlington Mavericks O-Line Coach, Ast Head coach 2007

A note from Phil:

It seems like a short while since 1995. If you read the team history you know the story. I was working nights at a Petrol station and one of my workmates was a young shaper named Andy Flynn. On our downtimes, I’d bore him and a mate of his called Marcus Naylor with tales of some of the American Football games and teams I’d experienced since the start of my career in 1984 and the seed of an idea to start a football team in Greystones was slowly realised.

I knew I had a chance to be around something special. During our first training session I, who was acting as coach at the time, decided to add a reverse to our 2 play playbook. Now anyone who has coached at any level knows a reverse takes ages to get exactly right. More often than not it’s an absolute abortion for the first 10-15 attempts. Not with the Rebels though. With absolutely NO thanks to me, they picked it up in a heartbeat and were running it to perfection during our first season in the Flag Football league, where we decided it would be best to stretch our legs first before striking out as a full contact team.

I was lucky enough to play several seasons in both Flag and full contact Football with the Rebels and I count those years as the BEST times I’ve had in football before or since. If it wasn’t for the fact I got married and ended up in Texas,where they know a thing or two about football, I’d like to think I’d still be connected with the team in a far more productive way than being stuck here waiting with bated breath to read the reports of another championship season for my old teammates.

Marcus and Andy have worked so hard to make the team the Greatest Football Team EVER to play in the Irish league, a standard of excellence it will be hard to duplicate. I’d like to thank all the Rebels players, staff, coaches and supporters for considering me worthy of the great honour of being the first member of the Rebels Hall of Fame. I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m over run by All Stars and multiple Champions who are sure to be enshrined soon.

To any new players I want to say Good Luck and now you’re a Rebel you’re more than a teammate, you’re family.


Phil Woodyard #72