Being a Rookie

What is a rookie?

A rookie is the general description of any player in his first year of a sport. It is something everyone goes through. There are certain expectations of rookies. Even if you’ve played with another team before,  you are still a Rebels Rookie. Being a rookie is not an insult.

Everyone has been a rookie American Football player. You are wanted with the Rebels. All you need to do is put in effort. You will reap the many rewards of not only being on this team but being part of this club, and family. You will get everything you put into the Rebels back tenfold.

Becoming Part of the Team

The best way to become part of the Rebel family is by getting involved. We ask our rookies to help set up at each practice. Setup involves carrying equipment to the practice field and cleaning up at the end of practice. We also line out specific areas for drills before practice using cones.

Helping with these tasks will be noticed.

Home Game Weekends

You will also be a part of setting the Rebel standard on game day. The day before the game you’ll assist with marking the field for the 4 home games (plus playoffs). On game day you’ll help with setting up the courtesy barriers, end zone pylons, goal post pads and yard line markers.

Learning Rebel Football

A “Football 101: Basics” class will be held at the start of each season. It is a once-off session to set standards, introduce our terminology and make sure you understand the core components of football. This will not be mandatory but will be HIGHLY recommended to help aid in learning the game. This session is designed to help you hit the ground running in practice.