Required Game Gear

The equipment to play under NCAA rules are:

  • Helmet (with chinstrap buckled)
  • Shoulder pads
  • 7 soft pads (2x Hip Pads, 2x Thigh Pads, 2x Knee Pads, 1x Tail Pad).
    • Alternately you can wear a Football Girdle, which is like a pair of cycling shorts with the padding built in
  • Football Pants – Game pants provided by team
  • Football Jersey – Game jersey provided by team
  • Gumshield, must NOT be clear or white
  • Football boots/cleats
  • Game day socks – All black knee high socks – Provided by the team

Game Day jerseys, pants and socks are never to be worn at training. EVER.

Starter Kits

When ordering equipment, a number of companies provide a starter pack that contains all required gear.

The Dublin Rebels have a bulk purchase discount available with Football America UK. During one of our purchase cycles, players can receive a 10% discount and reduced shipping costs. Typically there are a few order periods during the year that player can participate in. The discount the Rebels have with Football America UK provides the starter pack including shipping for less than the price of the packs alone on other websites.

Football America UK (United Kingdom)

You will need to get EVERYTHING in black, matte black for the helmet. If you are buying your gear please make sure to check with your Rookie Liaison/Coaches about what face cage you should buy. Certain types are banned and you will not be allowed play if you have the wrong face cage.

Example of an over-engineered facemask.
Example of an over-engineered facemask.

If you require any further assistance with these items, don’t hesitate to ask your coaches.

Alternate companies that provide starter packs are:

American Sports (UK)

Forelle Video (Netherlands)

American Football UK (UK)

EP Sports (UK)

Additional Equipment

You are likely to want or need these items that are not required by rule:

  • Baselayers (Under Armour, Skins, etc) these must be black for Game Day
  • Training colours are your own choice
  • Gloves, brand and type will vary depending on position. Colours should be mainly black, white or red.
  • Hand towel
  • Joint supports, i.e., knee braces, etc.
  • Tape – tapping is highly recommended for fingers and wrists at all times, as well as ankles, and any injuries.
  • Forearm Pads
  • Elbow Pads

How do I know what size I am?

These are general guidelines. It’s always best to have a coach help you with these measurements. Even getting your partner or a friend who has experience with football is better than doing it yourself. The worst thing you can do is get the wrong size gear.


With a measuring tape, measure the circumference of the widest part of your head usually about one inch above the eyebrows. When you have this number match it with the measuring chart of the Helmet Brand you are trying. The Helmet should fit comfortably without pressure with the front part of the helmet one inch above the brow. When adjusting your chinstrap, completely disconnect from helmet and hold the cup against your chin, then adjust the straps to fit comfortably but very secure. Face cages on your helmet will vary from position to position.

Shoulder Pads

With a measuring tape, measure straight across the shoulders from the back. Pads should sit comfortably against the shoulders. All brand of shoulder pads will have a measurement in inches marked on them, eg 18-19”, this is the number you are measuring. Shoulder Pad styles will vary depending upon your position, however, a number of brands do all purpose pads.

Soft Pads/Girdles

Soft Pads are one size fits all in Adult forms, Girdles should provide a size chart provided that will fit like any skins would fit. These along with a training jersey, training pants, can be purchased through the club at Football America UK at a discounted rate once proof of registration is received.

Shipping to Ireland

There are a few options to make things easier when shipping from the UK or the Continent. We’ve got some links for you below to Parcel Motel and AddressPal. Both are reliable ways to ship your equipment to Ireland.

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