Club Rules

Club Rules

The Dublin Rebels have a standard expectation level of all members. The standard is set by these rules. They apply to everyone equally. Football infractions are dealt with by the coaching staff. Non-football infractions are dealt with by the Executive Board.

On-field Expectations

  1. The use of tobacco (smoking, chewing, dipping), recreational and performance-enhancing drugs is strictly prohibited. Injured or sidelined players attending these events are also included. Use will result in your immediate dismissal from the club. Note: As the IAFA is under the umbrella of the Sports Council you may be randomly drug tested. PEDs standards are defined on the IAFA website.
  2. Players and coaches will maintain a professional relationship. Route any concerns to the Head Coach.
  3. The Head Coach has the final say in all matters on the field.
  4. During training, specific drills may be tasked to other individuals acting as assistant coaches. During such times, they are to be listened to and respected.
  5. Discussions, comments, and sharing opinions are limited to breaks and Q&A periods. Offer suggestions and tips to teammates at breaks or before/after practice.
  6. During a game, the only voice is a Captain’s. No non-captain player should ever address an official. Responding to an official is allowed. The only acceptable responses are “Yes, sir/ma’am”, “No, sir/ma’am” and “Thank you, sir/ma’am”.
  7. During the huddle, the only voice is that of the play caller. Huddles are not a place for discussion.
  8. The highest level of sportsmanship will be adhered to at all times. A player must respect his teammates. Players must keep their conduct clean to avoid injuries. Limit profanity so as not to offend spectators, particularly children.
  9. Walking off in bad humour during a session will not be tolerated. During drills, hand the ball back to the coach rather than throwing/kicking it.
  10. Fighting with teammates or opposing players will not be tolerated. During a game, no personnel are permitted to leave the sideline no matter the circumstances.
  11. The warm-up is a mandatory event. Game and training timetables are to be followed strictly by all players. Any additional drills / stretches are to be carried out IN YOUR OWN TIME.

Off-field Expectations

  1. As a member and representative of the club, your behaviour off the field should also reflect positively on the club.
  2. A player should make every effort to advance the goals of the club off the field. Members are asked to support fundraising efforts, the recruitment of new players, and encouraging spectatorship at games and social events.
  3. Club members will be asked to take part in fundraising events. From time to time club members will be required to attend social events to promote the club.
  4. Poor behaviour on buses for away games will not be tolerated. Resulting damages will be assessed to the offending player.

Player Obligations

  1. Attendance is mandatory at all training sessions, matches and team meetings unless injury is so debilitating as to severely restrict movement or illness is such that other players will be at risk.
  2. Players are obliged to respond to correspondence or requests for information from management, committee members or coaches within a reasonable time frame i.e. 24hrs.
  3. Taking training sessions, matches, club meetings and fund raising / mandatory social events into consideration, an attendance standard will be maintained. Failure to meet this target will directly affect a player’s chances of making the starting team/squad on game day.
  4. Failure to pay fees/fee portions on time will exclude a player from training sessions/or club selection. The fee for 2019 will be €250. This will cover insurance, travel expenses, officiating fees, pitch fees and ambulance.
  5. Dublin Rebels are a non-profit organisation. Your fees will cover all season costs as per the annual budget. This does not include the €50 IAFA registration payable by all league players. Incentives to reduce personal cost are available.
  6. A player is obligated to try to excel during training. Performance during practice dictates playing time in games.
  7. A player must learn the playbook, especially the individual assignments. Regular testing will take place. Results will directly affect playing time.
  8. Players must abide by the rules of the Irish American Football League (IAFL) at all times. The IAFL follows slightly modified NCAA rules.
  9. In the event of injury it is your responsibility to take actions to ensure swift recovery. Injuries must be reported to your position coach when they occur and then weekly updates as applicable.


  1. The official communication channels for the club are the Official Facebook group, phone calls and text message. All other communication is unofficial.
  2. Practices will be scheduled through Facebook Events and tracked by the coaches.
  3. A list of all current players, including their address and phone number, will be made available to the club.
  4. When asked a question by or contacted by a member of the Executive Board or a Coach it is your responsibility as a member to respond in a timely fashion.


  1. All game jerseys and pants are the property of the Dublin Rebels American Football Club.
  2. These become player property after both criteria are met.
    1. 2 years of full club fee payment, not rookie fee rates.
    2. AND attendance standards (to be determined) across all training sessions, games and mandatory social events.
  3. Currently the Dublin Rebels, due to insurance coverage, cannot loan any players safety equipment. This includes helmets, shoulder pads and soft pads for the lower body.