Coaching Staff

The Rebels have an established staff for 2019. With an onboarding path and development program, new applicants are always welcome. As part of our program structure, we favor having assistant coaches at each position group for better player development. This allows new coaches to learn the system, terminology and teaching methods of the Rebels quickly and in context.

The goal of all of this is to allow coaches in a volunteer environment to focus on the important thing. Getting their players to be the most successful they can be. A by-product of this is that coaches aren’t responsible for doing things on their own. Staffs are a team within a team, and the support system within must be as strong or stronger than the team support systems.

We also have established coaching standards, which apply to everyone.

2019 Structure

Ross McCooeyHead Coach & Offensive
Steve WalshDefensive
Conor RyanSpecial Teams
Ben SullivanDefensive Assistant
Andrei-Vlad VasilescuDefensive Backs
Dave RothwellRunning Backs
Matthias DurotLinebackers
Thomas KerboulOffensive Line


Coaching Pillars

  • Fundamental knowledge
  • Loyalty
  • Communication
  • Teaching

Coaching Standard to Players

  • Communication should be in a relaxed, yet authoritative, manner. This is fundamental to teaching, interacting and maintaining composure with players.
  • Coaches will never be condescending or talk down to players.
  • Coaches will never yell at a player in a demeaning manner, barring two exceptions.
    1. When a player executes a skill that could injure himself.
    2. When a player executes a skill that could injure another player.
  • At the beginning and end of practices, games and scrimmages only the Head Coach and coordinators will be allowed to address the team. Comments should be short and to the point. A position coach will address the team only if asked.
  • When a question comes up during Scrimmage, Move the Ball, or Group sessions, the position group coach or Coordinator will be the only one to clarify an assignment or technique.
  • Players can communicate between themselves to correct something, but ONLY if it does not impede the practice. The goal is to definitively and quickly answer the player question to have the maximum number of repetitions in game preparation.

If interested in joining, please complete the form on this page.